Friday, June 29, 2012

Going Polish!

It has been awhile since the blog bug has hit, and this one was actually inspired by my dear husband.  We are almost done with June, and the past few days have been hot and steamy....not that kind of hot and steamy....the kind kind of steamy that when you walk outdoors your hair either becomes a huge poof ball or a limp noodle, so you stay inside and hide in the coolest spot you can...there have been days where I have been tempted to crawl into the fridge!

The hot weather means I have been carting water from the kitchen sink to the flowers out front to keep them nice and perky....boy has that been a full time job.  It also means that the kids look at me like I'm insane when I suggest going outside to play or even going to the pool.  So, the short thunderstorm we had today was welcomed and the temps are a bit cooler now.

Summer means I've gotten to spend lots of time with Emma and Jared, and not as much time with Michael who has been very busy with work.  Sometimes it feels like we live on different planets and I've been a bit grumpy about this fact...this has been hard for Michael to miss since he is the target of my grousing! Poor guy.

So last night we were actually able to take advantage of a living social deal that Michael bought for a family style Polish restaurant.  We were not sure what to think at first because the restaurant was empty outside of an older couple that were finishing dinner when we arrived.  I would have to say it was quite different having dinner in an empty restaurant and kind of cool at the say time....even a bit romantic!  The neat thing about our meal is that we were able to taste several different types of Polish  foods like stuffed cabbage, very yummy polish sausage and brisket.  I loved my barley and mushroom soup, and was not brave enough to try Michael's duck blood soup....he was barely brave enough!  What a fun dining experience!

Sometimes it is a challenge to find affordable and fun activities to do do as a couple, so I feel very blessed that Michael does a great job of finding some different opportunities for us via the different coupon sites like Living Social.  Thanks babe for thinking outside of the box and helping keep things fresh!


  1. duck blood soup? yuck and double yuck! lol!
    Seriously that was sweet! and you're sweet for saying such sweet things.

  2. yes she certainly is but she also mentioned 'not that kind of hot and steamy' and 'limp noodle' waaaay too close to each other LOL