Monday, June 11, 2012

Look Out World...I have a blog!

I decided that I was too chatty for Facebook...have to much in my mind to share, and most people didn't really notice what I had to say because everyone uses FB in many different ways.  I have tried to journal on paper without success, and I've been told off and on for awhile that I should blog.  Several of my friends have started blogs and I enjoy reading their thoughts.

So, this is my blog.  Read it, don't read's okay because it's for me first and foremost.  If someone get's a bit of insight to who I am, who I've yet to become, and the personal journey that God blesses me with daily....then that is an added bonus.  I'm not an English Lit Major like my husband, and I'm a terrible proof reader, so if you judge people by their grammar skills, then this is not the place for you!  I do promise to do my best to improve as a writer, and to share my heart and soul...feel free to join me on the adventure.

Today's adventure?  Summer break is in full swing at the Wilkinson house.  Emma returned from the Girl Scout Rocks trip to DC at 5am.  She had lots of stories with plenty of 12 year old wisdom and insight...most of it with a twinge of sarcasm...but I think that one day she will look back on this past weekend and be so grateful that she was there.

Jared spend all weekend with us minus Emma, and boy was that an adventure...that boy never stops and wears mom and dad out in nothing flat.  Today was no different.  Thank goodness for two of his friends that came over and hung with him today.  At first they had no idea what to do with themselves, but then they got out the video camera that Jared earned by collecting diabetes donations and made improve videos all afternoon...and they were entertained!

Life is good, and I am blessed.

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