Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Be Brave Enough To Live Creatively

What wise words.  We have been in Northbrook, IL for almost two years.  I am bored out of  my mind.  I suppose this is my own fault for I could use my time more creatively despite my standard excuses of education, crafting, and socializing not being in the budget.  I told my myself when mom died this past Christmas at age 57 that I would live life with more gusto and not let life get in my way....guess I forgot that promise during my past five months of missing mom, melancholy, depression, and blah moments.  

On a positive note the big gray cloud is lifting, we are getting a handle on our budget, and I am looking forward to take some sort of class this fall.  I struggle with focusing on a practical education or feeding my creative root that has almost withered beyond repair.  What kind of example am I to Emma and Jared...don't I preach to them to work and hard and do what you love, and while it my be a hard and rugged path the happiness and self growth will make it so worth it?  I tend to  think of all the work that it will take to rediscover a passion and it almost seems easier to ride the excuse train. 

Enough of that.  I don't know what the rest of the year will bring my way, but it's time to live each moment with passion and stoke the fire of creativity...one day at a time, for better or worse.

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