Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We Could Fry An Egg On The Sidewalk!

Boy is it hot today!  I suppose I would take high heat over snow any day, but the humidity and heat can be quite draining after awhile.  And this is the day that we chose to take our three dogs and one of the two cats (the other one chose to be MIA) to get their three year rabies shots at a clinic.  We hopped in the van with four crying and panting animals, cranked the air and headed off for a flawless shot fest!  I'm so grateful that Emma came along to help keep the animals calm...she is the best!

So, I'm also thankful that I begrudgingly followed Michael's lead and drug myself outside at 6am this morning to walk.  There was actually a breeze that helped counter the heat a bit, and I also walked unlike Michael and a million other crazy runners I came across!  I did cross paths with Michael towards the end of my walk and jogged with him a bit...I am not a gracious runner, but it does feel good when you finish!  Thanks for being my good health example Michael!

Because of the heat I feel like a slug trying to cross wet cement, so not much is getting completed.  My goal is to turn the vacuum on and get up all the dog hair.  If I can't complete that goal there really is not much hope for the rest of the day!  I really want to just go down to Lake Michigan and sit in the very cold water!  That is a good goal if you ask me!


  1. thanks to you and emma for taking care of the pets today

  2. No problem....I'd rather not have less pets to take care of though ;-P

  3. Lake sounds perfect! But good for u for walking!