Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Today Jared and  I had a wonderful time picking strawberries and having lunch with a friend and her son!  Then I got to prep 10-12 pounds of strawberries...not so much fun!  Then I got in the car and my lower back started screaming and I realized when I was picking strawberries my shirt must have rode up and I burned the devil out of my lower did I not notice this when I was picking berries?  REALLY Phaedra?!!

Michael was in the basement doing some cleaning and found a dead chipmunk in one of the closets.  This would be the second time we have found a dead chipmunk in the house!  We know who the culprit is.  REALLY Shadow?!!

Jared's bedroom looks like a tornado hit it.  I told him that he wasn't doing anything today unless he cleaned his room.  He did take his laundry downstairs and put some away, but I some how missed that half the tornado was still in his room!  REALLY Jared?!!  REALLY Mom that fell down on her job and let her son spend the night with a friend without cleaning his room?!!

The plus side to these REALLY still was a REALLY good day and I feel REALLY blessed!

I do feel bad about the poor chipmunk...Shadow must sneak them in at night or early in the morning when we are half asleep.  Poor little guy.


  1. Does sound like a lot of fun...picking is backbreaking work though!

  2. I lower back is burnt and I can't bend over or squat!